BABINA HOSPITALITIES PVT. LTD. was established in 2012 with the main objective of organising upcoming and existing Classic Group of Hotels under its fold and promoting the brand, Classic Grande

The Hotel is a 4 Star Hotel that will offer a world class service with excellent food and stay. The best hotel in the city with a luxurious 171 room accommodation invites you to enjoy a unique dining experience. Modern amenities and conveniences will be at your disposal to make you feel at home far away from home. Be the first to avail this wonderful opportunity when the hotel starts its operation in the first week of November, 2014. 

Forte - The hotel will be the first ever 4 star category hotel in Manipur with a swimming pool. The hotel will not only be the largest in Manipur but will also hold the record for being the highest room provider in the 4 star category in Northeast India. The presence of double basementfloors and the spacious area around the hotel facilitate enough parking spaces. All these features make the upcoming hotel unbeatable. 
Beside the standard modern amenities expected to be available in a 4 star hotel, Classic Grande will be fitted with the state of the art information technology. The hotel is ideal for guests seeking luxury, comfort and convenience right here in the heart of Imphal City. 

Room - The types of room with contemporary design are categorised into the Club & Executive Floor and Suites & Presidential Suites. The latter types of room have an access to the fitness centre on the same floor. As promised this facility would deliver one of the most modern and luxurious hotel with excellent food and stay, which is hard to find in the whole of Northeast India. 

Dining - There are three (3) Food & Beverage outlets. The main restaurant has a seating capacity of 150 followed by the Lounge and Speciality Restaurant with enough room on the rooftop for a group of people. The terrace will be a nice place to catch up with friends and share tasty grills and kebabs. 

Conference & Banquet - There are two halls either for a conference or a banquet. The first hall, which is the biggest one, can accommodate at least 300 guests and the second one has enough room for 100 guests to organise any meetings. The smaller one meant for Executive Board Room Meetings is suitable for group of 10 – 15 members. 

Other Features - Apart from the standard features expected from a 4 star category hotel, Classic Grande will provide other notable extrafeatures. Some of them are: fully centralised air-conditioned, Beauty Saloon, Spa and Parlour.